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For Insuring Transportation Risks

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Announcing Miles per Canal: a utilization-based product designed for motor carriers - only pay for the miles you drive.

Our Mission

A family of shareholders, employees, and partnerships, fueled by decades of motor carrier expertise and resolve, and driven by unlimited vision, opportunity, and innovation, to deliver first class protection and service to our customers.

Our Values

Integrity and Commitment
Teamwork and Agility
Industry Expertise
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Resilience and Reliability

Perseverance – Discipline – Commitment

For 80 years, Canal Insurance Company has offered auto liability, truckers general liability, physical damage and cargo coverages. We continuously demonstrate:

Perseverance – during the fluctuations of the transportation industry
Discipline – to make the right underwriting decisions
Commitment – to insuring motor carriers

Choose the transportation insurance company that is there for you now and in the future.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

Exceptional Customer Experiences