Providing The Foundation Of Success
For Insuring Transportation Risks

Announcing Canal Test Drive: a new option for new ventures – pay for only the miles you drive.

Perseverance – Discipline – Commitment

For 80 years, Canal Insurance Company has offered auto liability, truckers general liability, physical damage and cargo coverages. We continuously demonstrate:

Perseverance – during the fluctuations of the transportation industry
Discipline – to make the right underwriting decisions
Commitment – to insuring motor carriers

Choose the transportation insurance company that is there for you now and in the future.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Infiniti-I Workforce Solutions
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In order to be a good partner, and help the transportation industry overcome this crisis, Canal Insurance knows that communicating the right information in a timely fashion is important.

As you know, there is uncertainty in the world today caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). People pull together when they are informed, have clarity, and understand expectations. Our online training partner, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, is offering free access to their learning management system for 30 days in order to help companies communicate effectively during this critical time.

Below is a list of communications that can help give your team clarity:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) video
  • Company policies, procedures, and expectations
  • Continued remote training to ensure safe driving behaviors
  • Shipper operations protocol affected by the virus
  • Push trackable updates quickly and easily as things progress

  • Haul Yes! I’m a Canal Partner. Give Me All the Access!

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