The following information is posted in accordance with 11 NYCRR 244 (INSURANCE REGULATION 168):

New York Insurance Law §2612 states that no individual, insurer or entity subject to the supervision of the superintendent shall solely because a person is or has been a victim of domestic violence: (1) refuse to issue or renew, deny or cancel any insurance policy or contract; (2) demand or require a greater premium or payment from any person; (3) designate domestic violence as a preexisting condition, for which coverage will be denied or reduced; or (4) fix any lower rate or discriminate in the fees or commissions of agents or brokers for writing or renewing such a policy. The fact that a person is or has been a victim of domestic violence is not a permitted underwriting criterion. 

If an insurer takes the actions listed above, the insurer must rely on underwriting criteria reasonably related to the physical or mental condition of a person, their property, or claim history and base the decision on sound underwriting and actuarial principals reasonably related to actual or anticipated loss experience.  The insurer shall notify the insured of its specific reason(s) for such decision. 

Absent the express consent of the individual who delivers to the insurer a valid order of protection, the insurer shall keep confidential and shall not disclose the address and telephone number of the victim of domestic violence, or any child residing with the victim; and the name, address, and telephone number of any person or entity providing covered services to the victim, to a policyholder or other insured under the policy against whom the victim has a valid order of protection, if the victim, the victim’s legal representative, or if the victim is a child, the child’s parent or guardian, delivers to the insurer at its home office a valid order of protection pursuant to New York Insurance Law §2612(f) and (g).  If a child is the victim, this right may be asserted by, and shall extend to, the parent or guardian of the child. 

A victim of domestic violence may provide an alternative address, telephone number, or other method of contact via Agent Support at 800-699-7690. Agent Support can also direct on how and where to send a valid order of protection. 

New York State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline: 1-800-942-6906.