Covid-19 Update: Our enterprise commitments remain positive and proactive

We hope this update finds you safe, protected, and well. Canal remains 100% operational on a remote basis through Week 2 of the COVID-19 emergency.

Our enterprise commitments remain positive and proactive, with fact rather than fear based perspective supporting our market responsiveness and customer service. Facts confirm that demand for freight in multiple sectors and geographies is surging, based on confirmation from several of our direct contacts in the freight brokerage community.

We understand that this may not be true for some commodities and regions, and Canal is prepared to support those insureds in need with parked vehicle arrangements and flexibility on reporting policy minimums. However, the current Canal headlines belong to the significant number of motor carriers we insure that remain on interstates providing heroic service to our nation moving critical freight at a critical time. This includes over 90% of our TestDrive customers who were rolling stronger than ever last week, based on their direct feedback received through our customer support efforts.

Canal is proud to provide service and product to our insureds that are proving to be so vital in helping America pull out of this crisis. #CanalInsurance #TruckingInsurance #COVID19