Report all claims immediately and directly to Canal at 888.247.4424 or online.
Myth: I should report any accidents to my agent, not my insurance company.
Fact: Your policy requires that all accidents be reported directly to Canal, because we are the ones who handle your claims. After contacting Canal, you are welcome to alert your agent to the accident.
Myth: I should wait to report an accident until I have received the police report.
Fact: You should report all accidents to Canal as soon as possible – from the scene, if possible. Police reports can take months to receive; by the time they come out, key evidence and witnesses may be long gone. Once you report the accident, our experienced and knowledgeable adjusters will contact you and outline all the information we need for the claim.
Myth: If an accident happens at night or on a weekend /holiday, I should wait until the next business day to report it.
Fact: Canal has a dedicated Claims reporting line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Claims can also be reported on our website. If the claim is not urgent, our team can make that determination and follow up with you during regular business hours.
Myth: If it is a small incident that would be below my deductible, I should just handle it myself rather than involve the insurance company.
Fact: What may seem like a small accident can quickly snowball into a more serious situation. When you report a claim to Canal, you get our experienced adjusters and if necessary, a legal team on your side. Trying to handle a claim on your own delays Canal’s investigation, risks key evidence being lost, and can hurt the chances of resolving the claim quickly.
Myth: If an accident isn’t my fault, I don’t need to report it to my insurance company.
Fact: The unfortunate reality is that, while most of the time the accident is not your fault, chances are very high that a claim will be presented anyway. Some states allow someone to recover damages even if they are 99% at fault. If you don’t report the claim, crucial evidence to defend you will be lost – essentially strengthening the case against you.
Myth: My company’s drivers can wait until they return to the office to report accidents.
Fact: Canal can take accident reports from any one related to the accident, including drivers. In fact, the driver is often the best person with the most information to report a claim so our adjusters can get the facts and evidence they need to defend you.