Canal Insurance Company Donates $50K To United Way of Greenville County’s COVID-19 Community Relief Fund

Greenville, SC – Canal Insurance Company, with well over eight decades’ worth of deep Greenville roots, supports its Upstate community and continually seeks ways to give back to its Greenville neighbors. In its unceasing, never ending commitment to philanthropy, the company has pledged a total of $50,000 to United Way of Greenville County’s COVID-19 Community Relief Fund. 

The COVID-19 Community Relief Fund focuses on supporting local nonprofit organizations working in vulnerable communities affected by the virus. The fund will also support workers on the front-line responding to the physical, mental, and economic impacts of the pandemic.

Meghan Barp, President and CEO of United Way of Greenville County, reflected on Canal’s contribution, “This generous investment by Canal Insurance Company to the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund will be immediately deployed to help our most vulnerable neighbors during these unprecedented times.” She continued, “Right now, United Way of Greenville County is rapidly assessing the most urgent needs in Greenville County and coordinating services with local nonprofits and community leaders.” United Way of Greenville County is working quickly to help those in need. Barp stressed their quick response time, saying “Less than two weeks after the launch of the fund, we issued the first $68,000 in grants to seven organizations providing critical food and shelter services. These grants represent just the first round of relief funding, as we continue to assess how this pandemic is affecting those living in or near poverty. Thanks to the generosity of Canal Insurance Company and many others, we will continue to be able to respond as the needs grow and evolve.”

Canal Insurance Company and United Way of Greenville County’s time-honored partnership was established over four decades ago. Barp added, “Canal Insurance Company has long been one of our great corporate partners as dedicated supporters of United Way’s work to change lives in Greenville County. It is no surprise to see them quickly recognize the unique needs created by this crisis and once again step up to generously help their neighbors in need. We are incredibly thankful to have their partnership. Together, we will meet the challenges ahead because our community is stronger united.”

Paul Brocklebank, President and CEO of Canal Insurance Company, released a statement regarding the company’s landmark decision to donate such a significant amount to the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund, “During this unprecedented emergency, matters of employee welfare, customer service, and business continuity are top of mind at Canal Insurance Company. However, we were also quick to recognize, honor and respond to our corporate and social responsibility to our Greenville community, whether this be adhering to social distancing or lending support to those in need. We are extremely grateful to United Way of Greenville County for organizing the best means possible to channel such support toward immediate and impactful COVID-19 relief.” 

Rick Timmons, Senior Vice President of Investments at Canal Insurance Company is a third generation stakeholder in the multi-generational family-owned business. Understanding the importance of giving back to the Upstate, and with an ongoing commitment to helping those in need, Timmons reflected, “The company is grateful to United Way of Greenville County for providing this special relief fund focused on providing help to the people in our community directly impacted by this pandemic. We are honored to be able to provide this support to our Upstate neighbors through this important organization.” As our nation, and specifically the Upstate, faces these difficult and uncertain times, Canal Insurance Company has risen to the occasion to support and champion organizations fighting this pandemic. 


About Canal Insurance
Canal Insurance Company has specialized in providing insurance to commercial trucking and specialty transportation insureds through selected professional agents for more than eighty years. Canal Insurance Company focuses on achieving profitable, sustainable growth by broadening and diversifying its transportation portfolio. 

About United Way of Greenville County
We all want Greenville County to be a thriving community where everyone can have a safe, stable and successful life. To this end, United Way brings together a diverse group of people, businesses and organizations around a shared desire to make Greenville County a place where everyone has the opportunities and resources to reach their full potential. Providing people with the tools and support to thrive at every stage of life creates a better community for all of us.


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