Transformation Through Telematics: Creating a Safety-Focused Culture


When talking safety, an extra set of eyes and ears is always a good thing. Of course, no company has the payroll to provide each driver an assistant, but telematic technology is turning into the next best thing.

Using data from video event recorders and online monitoring tools not only tracks vehicle location and driver performance, but can also provide important points of dialogue between drivers and their companies. It offers an important line of defense should an accident occur, and identifies areas of needed training to potentially prevent accidents in the first place.

Telematics are, quite simply, one of the best ways drivers can identify issues now to prevent them from developing into entrenched bad habits. The tremendous insight that results is one of the main reasons Canal recommends telematics, and why we work with insureds to offer and manage such technology-based programs.

Tracking studies prove that telematics work – but management oversight is key. It’s not uncommon to see an immediate reduction in collision frequency and unsafe behavior soon after telematics are installed. But – if the assumption is installation is the only requirement for results, the true impact of telematics can be lost. It takes ongoing monitoring and follow up. It’s about gathering snapshots and creating patterns of behavior and then addressing them to create change and improvement. In the long run, a company-wide commitment to telematics can create a lasting positive safety culture, and when drivers are empowered to “own their own data” and utilize available training tools to improve, there is genuine opportunity to reduce unsafe driving and impact loss cost and loss frequency.

There’s likely more technology coming – safety tools we have yet to imagine – but for now, telematics prove the mark of a modern trucking company. And whether you’re already on board, or just now considering telematics, Canal is right beside you, ready to provide advice and guidance.

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