Subrogation: Proving Your Case Before It Becomes One

It’s not always over when the other insurance carrier accepts liability. In a recent case where a Canal insured’s vehicle was damaged and the other driver was found at fault, the other carrier readily accepted the liability, but disputed the claim amount.

Fortunately, Canal was ready with a rebuttal, with detailed documentation key to its argument. The Canal adjuster already had determined the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle, knew the salvage amount, and had a specific repair estimate generated and saved in the case file. When the other carrier contested the claim amount of $22,000, Canal quickly was able to pull the existing information and prove that paying for the vehicle repair (versus totaling it out) was both fully justified and accurately valued.

It’s tough to argue against facts. The key is having those facts researched and documented before any disputes erupt. The other carrier ultimately accepted the claim amount and Canal not only avoided arbitration or litigation, but was able to cover the insured’s full claim, including a $2,500 deductible. Careful documentation made all the difference.