Smooth Ride Twenty-Six Year Partnership Between Hills and Canal

It’s praise 26 years in the making. “Choosing Canal has been one of our best business decisions,” says James Hill, who owns Hill’s Trucking Company & Hill’s Fuel Trucking, Inc. in Fries, Virginia, along with his brother, Gus Hill.

It’s from this location that Hill dispatches a fleet of trucks and manages operations that include a shop office, truck cleaning bays and office operations. Throughout the years, Canal has written auto liability, property damage and cargo for both divisions of the company. While transporting materials such as coal, grain, corn and sand to 25 states is a big task, with lots of risk exposure, Hill’s safety manager, Dwaine Bowers, emphasizes Canal’s role in managing those risks. “They’re outstanding,” he states simply. “We’ve never had a minute’s problem.”

[leading-text]”I’d tell anyone who asks my recommendation to go with Canal and stay with Canal.” – James Hill[/leading-text]

Hill and Bowers each note the quick response time and next day handling of accidents. “Absolutely, without question, Canal is good about handling claims,” says Bowers. “It’s a really reliable company, and any agent considering it should do so without reservation. When we have an accident, I hear from someone within a day.” He stresses that Canal works to resolve claims as quickly as possible. A specific tool Bowers particularly appreciates is the accident kits Canal provides. If an accident does occur, drivers can quickly and accurately collect details by simply working through the kit step by step. “Because of the specifics provided, I’m able to initiate a claim even when a driver is out on the road. That’s been a huge help in efficiently managing claims,” Bowers states.

Hill concurs, saying that “Canal responds every time we have a request and claims are managed quickly. In 26 years, I can honestly say we’ve had no complaints.” He emphasizes the partnership shared between companies. “Insurance markets can go up and insurance markets can go down, but we’ve stayed with Canal throughout the good and bad times. Over time, our rates have decreased. Keeping our loss ratios down certainly helps with that—and the low rate we’ve maintained since 2007 doesn’t happen in a vacuum.” He credits Canal’s help with safety and maintenance programs, citing it as a key ingredient to their success. “It ends up being a win/win for both of us,” he says. “We keep our loss ratio low, our premiums are stable, and Canal has earned a client for the long term. I don’t see us going anywhere. I’d tell anyone who asks my recommendation to go with Canal and stay with Canal.”