SIU CORNER: Sleuthing for the Truth

Canal SIU-Corner GraphicAn accident isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes it isn’t an accident at all, but a planned scam intended to provide profit.

Unfortunately, organized crime rings frequently target commercial trucking because claims are typically quite large – making it lucrative for the criminal. In addition, it’s often much easier to stage or force an accident because it is difficult to quickly bring a truck, particularly when fully loaded, to a complete stop. All the criminal needs to do is maneuver into the truck’s path and count on the slower response time that is inherent with any large vehicle.

Recognizing the attractive target posed by the trucking industry and the increasing sophistication and brazen approach of criminals, Canal has invested in technology specifically created to uncover organized fraud rings. Called NetMap, this link-analysis tool reviews and connects the names of claimants to documented records – including addresses, prior claims, VIN numbers, driver’s license numbers and other public databases. It takes what was a previously daunting task, and makes it possible to compare a remarkably extensive list of records to reveal potential connections or patterns of behavior. Canal has already found this tool quite useful, uncovering multiple instances of fraud, including cases where teams of criminals had used over 600 aliases and been involved in hundreds of questionable claims.

When we do uncover or even suspect a case of fraud following a NetMap analysis, the option always exists to call in additional experts to help us prove a case. Past claim investigations have involved the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, state departments of insurance, and even the National Insurance Crime Bureau, among others.

Of course, any type of organized scam compromises the system for all. Know that Canal remains committed to client protection and will continue to explore the application of technology in our fight against criminal fraud.


Report FraudShould you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact Canal’s toll-free SIU HOTLINE AT 877.561.1599 OR EMAIL SIU@CANAL-INS.COM.