SIU CORNER: Crime Doesn't Pay

Canal SIU-Corner GraphicCrime Doesn’t Pay! Following a “burglary in progress” call, police in Burbank, CA arrived at the scene to investigate. According to one witness, a male suspect had jumped into a Hummer, and in his haste to flee, struck a parked Canal insured vehicle. Fortunately, the witness had recorded the license plate of the suspect’s vehicle and gave it to police. This information helped the police eventually apprehend and arrest the suspect.

Canal paid for the insured vehicle’s damage, and then referred the case to its subrogation department. After due diligence, Canal was able to identify the insurance carrier for the suspect’s vehicle and forwarded a subrogation demand to them. After confirming their coverage on the Hummer, the carrier reimbursed Canal for $5,000. Not only was this 100% of the original claim, it also allowed Canal to reimburse the insured 100% of the deductible paid. 

While crime obviously doesn’t pay, Canal’s follow up definitely did!


Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.29.16 AMShould you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact Canal’s toll-free SIU HOTLINE AT 877.561.1599 OR EMAIL SIU@CANAL-INS.COM.