SIU Corner: A Risk on the Inside

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Theft can be an inside job. Canal has seen an increase in driver and/or owner participation in truck and cargo theft in exchange for money, drugs or even prostitution.

While the motivation may differ by driver, the end result is the same – a significant loss. In most cases, the driver who is in on the scheme recognizes the monetary value their load represents, with computers, pharmaceuticals and scrap metal at the top of the “most wanted” list. They simply coordinate a location, such as a truck stop, leave their vehicle and claim it’s been stolen upon their return to the parking lot. In reality, they were willing participants. To add legitimacy, drivers typically report the loss to their supervisor, but sometimes simply vanish, leaving the owner to discover the crime when the shipment fails to arrive.

Sealing your load is futile against this crime. The greatest protection against risk is pretty straight forward – awareness and improved driver screening, including criminal background checks and drug and alcohol testing. Even some of the simple steps shared in Canal’s whitepaper, Recruit and Retain Great Drivers, may help companies uncover potential red flags during the hiring process. For example, simply asking candidates how they heard of an open position or why they left their prior company may yield valuable insight to their authenticity.

Do they seem sincerely interested in the job for the long-term?

Also, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a voluntary, fee-based Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) that provides 5-year crash data and 3-year inspection data. While not a direct review of any criminal behavior, it can help establish driver legitimacy and performance. Adding GPS is another useful tool, allowing you to track trailer movement in real-time and investigate any suspicious behavior.

As always, if you find yourself the victim of any theft, report it to Canal immediately. It may be a random crime, but we can also look for certain behavior or trends that point to an inside job. Either way, Canal is here to help.[divider]

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.29.16 AMShould you suspect fraudulent activity, please contact Canal’s toll-free SIU hotline at 877.561.1599 or email: