Canal understands the daily challenges faced by safety leadership in scheduling deliveries that are both safe and on time.
We’re here to help you meet these challenges.

As a Canal Insured, You’ll have Access to the Following:


Safety Training

Discounted and free online safety training resources.

Safety Resources

Sample safety manuals/policies, driver tips, safety messages and more.

Safety Tools & Tips

CanalRISK360 Key Strategies for driver, operational and other risks.


Fleet Monitoring

Tools and programs to identify and manage fleet issues.

Driver Recognition

Driver and safety management performance awards.

Leadership & Development

Tools for identifying and training safety and driver leadership.

And more

association memberships

Canal aligns with associations that support the trucking industry.

Insured loss analysis

Access your claims information for comprehensive risk evaluation.

Safety seminar presentations

Presentations on improving safety culture and driving performance.

RMS Seminars

for Canal Insureds & Safety Managers


Canal Supports Several Industry and State Trucking Associations