Safety King – Dee King Trucking

Dee-King-MottoThat’s the motto of Dee King Trucking, an impressive Canal insured in Amarillo, Texas with over 117 tractors and 150 trailers in its fleet.

Of course, a cornerstone of service is on-time, safe delivery of goods. “We’ve partnered with several different businesses to help us keep safety first,” says Dee King, president and owner. “One of our key partnerships is with Canal, which does so much more for us than simply provide insurance.”

Calling it a “wonderful experience,” King cites Canal’s Annual Safety Seminar as a valuable opportunity to speak with other trucking firms to share ideas and get up-to-date information on new products and safety initiatives. “We rely on our loss control professionals from Canal all the time,” King says. “They have done so much to help us minimize accidents by identifying issues early on.” He notes the new DriveCam event recorders the company installed—Canal helped secure a deal on these and is always ready to help with information or recommendations.

As a real proponent of safety, every Dee King truck has PeopleNet Driver Terminals installed in them, which are used for over-the-road communication, truck locating, dispatching and electronic logs. King also appreciates the flexibility of Canal’s coverage. Basing its policy on mileage reports has not only saved the company money, it eliminates the need to continually cancel coverage when, for example, a truck is out of commission for repair. “We don’t have to cancel and add, cancel and add. We just turn in our running miles and we’re done. It’s so much easier and accurate,” says King.

“This is a trucking company that doesn’t just talk about safety, it actively pursues technology, education and awareness,” says Gary Flaherty, Canal’s assistant vice president of Risk Management Services. “It’s the kind of active participation that can make a real difference in results. On a daily basis it keeps drivers and loads safe. Long term it can really drive down costs too.”