RMS: Partnering to Reduce Real World Risk

GARY-FLAHERTY“We’re not slowing down,” said Gary Flaherty, Assistant Vice President, recently appointed to lead Risk Management Services. He noted the already robust collection of risk management tools available on the Canal website under the Risk Management Services tab: canalinsurance.com/for-the-insured/rms, including interactive training resources, videos and print material related to safety, driver programs, loss control, best practices and compliance information. But Flaherty promises even more in 2014.

“The online information related to policies and training will continue to evolve as new issues arise in the marketplace and insureds share their concerns about new trends or issues – our website is never static,” he explained. Another new tool being added in 2014 is a password-protected Insured Resource Portal (IRP), which will give insureds real time access to detailed claim information.

“It is all about creating an active partnership,” explained Flaherty. “Canal is committed to being engaged, proactive and responsive. I really do believe one key to mitigating or even eradicating risk is being accountable – on both sides of the table. We have to be transparent, and so does the client. It is the only way we will be able to produce meaningful action plans that will improve business performance over time.”

Flaherty is proud of Canal’s approach to risk management. “We do not just look for the obvious. We get to know a client’s business so we can provide truly effective solutions – and here is the important thing: those solutions have to work in the real world. No client can be expected to turn their business upside down and inside out. First we identify risks, and after we have prioritized them based on potential impact, we can help the client implement solutions that work within their own operations.”

In addition to leading the Risk Management Services Unit, Gary will continue to manage the Physical Damage and Cargo claims. In these roles, he will develop and execute Canal’s strategy of delivering value-added services.

– Congratulations, Gary!