Report Claims Fast For Quick Resolution

Minutes matter. Only 28 minutes after a severe accident, the insured’s risk manager reported it to our hotline. This fast reporting enabled the Canal adjuster to assess the situation and determine that a Rapid Response Team be deployed immediately.

The purpose was to provide a full on-scene assessment, including immediate scene investigation, insured driver contact, vehicle inspections and accident reconstruction. In short, the Rapid Response Team was to record anything and everything that would be important, even if initially judged incidental, to quickly and accurately assess the claim. The insured’s risk manager was informed about the process and knew which individual was the primary contact for the Rapid Response Team.

The next update revealed that the accident involved an environmental spill, so Canal’s in-house senior environmental claims adjuster followed up with a qualified environmental contractor to begin containment and clean up.

While the Rapid Response Team and environmental contractor were on-scene, Canal’s senior claim adjuster worked simultaneously with the risk manager to obtain information about the driver, truck, load contents, cargo authority and other pertinent facts. Armed with these details, she was able to begin a comprehensive analysis to determine the availability and extent of coverage.

The quick notification of the accident by the insured and timely deployment of the Rapid Response Team and environmental contractor served as a valuable resource for accurate evidence, including witness interviews, measurements, pictures and other verification while the accident was still in its original location. It meant a larger pollution exposure was mitigated and Canal was able to secure crucial evidence in a timely manner that may have been lost otherwise. This served as an example of how Canal provided the “best possible” service for our insured.

Deploying the Rapid Response Team is standard practice at Canal whenever and wherever there is a catastrophic accident. But the process can’t start without you. Anytime and every time you’re involved in an accident, you should contact Canal as soon as possible, using our Claims Hotline 800.452.6911.

After you call the Claims Hotline, Canal urges you to begin documentation immediately of the scene with photos and names of witnesses. The more information and documentation we have will benefit you, whether or not you are at fault.

Based on the facts, Canal will then determine whether the Rapid Response Team or other resources are required. Even if the accident doesn’t require that intense level of investigation, the claims process can be started immediately to provide quick resolution. At Canal, we’re dedicated to fast, accurate turnaround because we understand: minutes matter.