Rapid Response Team: Forget Recall. Make One Call.

Think a moment about the last five minutes of your morning commute on Tuesday. What were you wearing; what was the weather; where did you park; and what vehicle was next to you? If you can describe those minutes in detail, it’s likely you’re wrong – and completely normal. In fact, human memory is like the childhood game of “Telephone,” where each time a sentence is repeated, it is altered slightly, despite the participant’s best efforts. Now imagine having to remember the specifics of a traumatic event, an incident where serious injuries or fatalities result. Nearly impossible.

Flaws in recall are the very reason our Rapid Response Team is key to providing you the very best protection if you’re involved in a major accident. Canal has teams on standby throughout the country. Arriving at a “fresh” scene, they’ll not only protect the rights of the insured and driver, they’ll also investigate and interview any potential witnesses and preserve and document evidence. When it’s time to create a solid defense, this detail can prove invaluable.Rapid-Response-Team-Map

Of course, your rapid notification is the crucial first step. Any accident should prompt an immediate call to Canal’s claims reporting hotline. It’s the only way Canal can assess whether a Rapid Response Team should be dispatched to the scene immediately, or if a different course of action is sufficient. The hotline is available 24/7, so regardless the incident, a quick call is all you need. Keep the hotline number handy and don’t forget: instead of relying on recall, you only need one call!

Canal Claims 24/7 Hotline: 800-452-6911


Get Canal’s Mobile Claims Assistant App Today!

  • Input and store policy information – retrieve it when you need it most!
  • Detailed instructions walk you through the claims process
  • Photograph the scene and submit pictures
  • Obtain an accurate location utilizing built-in GPS
  • Initiating a claim is simple!
  • Jump-start the claims adjusting process…and you could save time and money!