On the Road to Safety: Buddy Moore Trucking



“Essentially, you hire your problems,” says Connel Coggins, director of safety and personnel at Buddy Moore Trucking in Birmingham, Alabama – which is precisely why this safety-conscious Canal insured is so focused on not only finding the best drivers, but keeping them.

“They’re incredibly proactive when it comes to safety and creating a safety culture,” explains Hilary Bean, senior loss control specialist at Canal, who works directly with Coggins. “Buddy Moore is a client very responsive to risk management suggestions. Their drivers are engaged and conscientious, which reflects what I believe is a remarkably positive atmosphere.” Bean notes the company’s strong driver retention and ability to “be picky when they hire,” as well as capital investment in new equipment, that she states goes a long way in fueling morale and supporting safe operations.

Buddy Moore president and COO, Buck Moore, said “Canal has been an ideal partner for our company’s proactive approach. Not only is Canal responsive when there’s a claim, they are very resource oriented, providing the programs we need to keep our drivers up-to-date and motivated.” Coggins regularly calls on Canal for their library of awards and certificates to help with employee recognition, as well. “It’s not just a pen with a logo or a certificate; these items represent hard-earned recognition,” says Coggins. “The drivers notice that we notice. There’s real power in a formalized thank you.”

The company’s emphasis on the individual continues. “We don’t do large quarterly safety meetings,” says Coggins. “Safety shouldn’t be an ‘event.’ It needs to be something woven into our day-to-day processes.” For this reason, Coggins sends daily electronic messages to drivers to keep safety at the forefront. He also holds impromptu “On the Yard” safety meetings with just a few truckers at a time. “When you have a small group of three to five individuals, you can engage and respond to specific issues or concerns. You can check a load in detail and review any potential issues related to their equipment or specific routes right on the spot,” he explains. “It’s a much more effective way to communicate.”

Buddy Moore’s methods are paying off. “We’ve got a pretty competitive rate from Canal,” says Moore, “and I’d say that’s a direct reflection of our low claims frequency – something we continually work to sustain.” Both he and Coggins credit Canal for its resources, responsiveness and collaboration. “Canal is the first company I’ve worked with that actively supports our programming and makes it possible for us to showcase each driver’s role in our success,” explains Coggins. It’s a partnership that clearly works. “We’re always looking for long-term relationships, so it’s been a good fit for us,” says Moore.