Lyme Disease Contributes to Symptoms

TickEven seemingly obvious conclusions can sometimes prove wrong. That’s why Canal’s focus on thorough and accurate medical reviews are vital to ensure fair solutions for our customers.

Consider an accident where a tractor-trailer, which was a Canal insured vehicle, allegedly changed lanes and struck a car. Although the driver of the car, the claimant, did not seek medical attention the day of the accident, she did visit her family care physician two days later complaining of neck discomfort and limited range of motion. It looked like a pretty clear case of neck sprain and strain caused by blunt head trauma, which is exactly the diagnosis the doctor declared.

Yet when Canal’s in-house medical review specialist assessed the claimant’s medical history, a recent diagnosis of Lyme disease was uncovered. As the specialist knew, it is common in the early stages of Lyme disease to suffer from headaches, sore muscles and stiff joints – the very symptoms presented by the claimant. It turns out that once the claimant began a course of antibiotics, the standard treatment for Lyme disease, her symptoms began to resolve.

The patient’s neurological medical records now supported a new conclusion: Although the claimant did suffer some injury from the accident, the enduring symptoms were more likely tied to the diagnosed Lyme disease. This information, possible only because of our commitment to comprehensive medical reviews, put Canal in a strong position entering negotiations. Armed with medical facts, Canal’s adjuster ultimately negotiated the original $100,000 settlement demand made by the claimant down to a fair $42,500.