Insuring Nave Auto Sales For Over 23 Years – Making the Claims Process Easy for Insureds

Nave Auto Sales has relied on Canal for over two decades. Specializing in buying, selling and transporting used vehicles, the family owned business started in Gray, Tennessee in 1968. “We’ve had claims, but we’ve never had any problems,” says current vice president and secretary Linda Nave. “We simply collect details, turn them over and the rest is taken care of for us.”

“Once you get a claim turned over to Canal,” says Bob Cordell, “you know it’s handled.” Cordell is the secretary/treasurer for Elizabethton Insurance Agency, Inc. near Johnson City, Tennessee, the agent for Nave. He speaks from experience, having worked with a Canal general agent for many years.


“Canal’s specialization has made them a natural fit for Nave, which has remained a loyal client through several large claims, including those requiring litigation. Even in difficult cases, Canal handles the details, which makes it a smooth process for all.”

Elizabethton places long haul trucking and taxicab accounts with Canal as well. “We see them as the only viable player in town when it comes to cabs, and they’re also remarkably competitive within the transportation industry overall,” says Cordell. “It’s important to us that we offer our clients options,” he adds. “On our website, we make it clear that every account’s insurance needs are as unique as they are and we want to prove that by offering a variety of insurance from a number of different name brand companies. With Canal, there’s a definite benefit in partnering with a firm that specializes in transportation. You not only get market availability, but there’s quick turnaround during the claims process.”

“Claims are inevitable,” Cordell explains, “so it’s nice to know there will be quick turnaround when the insured is most anxious. When claims are handled properly, that’s one of the best times to solidify client relationships. Canal gives us that advantage.” Cordell’s contention about the need for quick turnaround is validated by Ernst & Young’s Global Consumer Insurance Survey 2012/Americas which stated: “When asked what their insurer could have done to improve the handling of their claim, the overwhelming response was that insurers could have acted with more speed (33%) and communicated better (32%).” “Canal has that portion of the equation down,” says Cordell.