DriveCam Lytx Preferred Pricing for Insureds

DriveCam logoCanal is Pleased to Introduce Lytx DriveCam™ Preferred Pricing for Insureds. Canal knows that fleet safety is more important now than ever with the increasing number of vehicles of all sizes competing
Annual-Crashes-by-Numbers_3 for the road.

According to Lytx, the DriveCam™ Program:

  • REDUCES up to 80% in claims costs.
  • PREVENTS collisions by helping to identify, and address root causes of poor driving before they lead to accidents.
  • PROTECTS the company’s brand by helping to create world-class safety cultures.

This program is open to ALL Canal insureds whether they have one or 1,000 power units or want a one or 5 year contract. Read the press release or visit Lytx DriveCam™ on our website to learn more.

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