SIU Corner: Don't Be an Easy Target

Canal SIU-Corner GraphicHow to Reduce Your Chances of Cargo Theft

Someone may have an eye on you. A growing number of organized cargo theft rings are operating in the United States, and although the number of cargo thefts declined slightly in 2014, according to a FreightWatch report summarized by, the average loss per incident increased markedly. In fact, the average value of each load stolen in 2014 was $232,924, an increase of 36% versus previous year.

Food and drinks remain an appealing target, as do electronics and home & garden items. But the reality remains that any load can attract a thief, particularly when you make yourself an easy target.

The riskiest behavior by far is parking in an unsecured area, the location where 87 percent of all reported thefts occurred in 2014. This includes truck stops, public parking areas and roadsides. Vigilant thieves—who are patient enough to wait for the right moment—can easily pilfer or steal an entire load when you are out of view.

Your defense? The most obvious is to make sure the trailer is locked and then park in a secure, well-lit area that remains within your field of vision. Be aware of anyone who may be following you before you stop. Limit stops to known locations and limit the length of each break. Be particularly aware during holidays, a peak time for theft. Verify the identity of anyone claiming transfer or approving receipt of your load. It’s all about creating enough of a deterrent to make the thieves think twice.

Insureds can view Canal’s “Protect Your Cargo” white paper at under Safety Tips and Tools.

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