Claims Support Team – One Call Starts It All

It’s just 19 seconds to a better day. That’s the remarkably low average wait time posted by the Canal Claims Support Team.

How does that compare to the customer service reaction times at other companies? According to one benchmarking survey of corporate call centers, the average caller wait time is 56 seconds—a full 195% higher than Canal’s average. Of course, we know our insureds have better things to do than wait, so we’re focused on maintaining our 19 second standard. It’s just one more way we can prove our dedication to you.

But it’s what happens after they talk to you that can make all the difference.

The goal of Canal’s Claims Support Team is to simplify each and every claim process for the customer. The team recognizes the incredible importance of timely and accurate completion of new loss notices. They are a vital first step in ensuring your claim moves from their desk to the proper specialist proceeding forward. It’s all about teamwork.

Consider a recent case when a claimant called to report an over-filled tank of heating oil in his basement. Canal customer service representative, Carla McClanahan collected pertinent information and promptly contacted our Environmental Specialist David Holcomb. After making some calls, David determined he would need to travel to the location of the loss to assess the environmental exposure and ensure proper handling for cleanup and repair of the damages.

Your Claims Support Team knows – it’s all about seemingly little details that can yield big results.