Claims Associate Team – Service is Everyone’s Job

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ENJOYING A NICE OUTING AT A RESTAURANT AND HAVE A SIMPLE REQUEST – new silverware, extra napkins or a beverage refill – and you stop a passing staff member only to be told, “I’ll find your server?” Many times this person will spend countless minutes searching all over the restaurant just to inform “your server” of a need that could have been more simply and immediately completed right away. This “it’s not my job” mentality leaves a customer confused and frustrated.

When it comes to our clients, it’s everyone’s job to provide the best service possible. Quick turnaround is proven by our 24-hour contact rate of 85% on all new claims received. From day one, new Claims Associate team members are taught to not only assist each other, but to provide a united front when servicing inquiries. And when a party contacts Canal for a status, question, concern or any information regarding a claim, every effort is made to satisfy the inquiry then and there. Canal’s commitment to each caller is that he or she will not be bounced around from person to person or told to call back to speak specifically with the assigned claim adjuster. We believe this responsive approach is one of the reasons our customer satisfaction survey results have reached 2.7 on a 3.0 scale.

Important-Job-Quote-Anybody-Somebody-Everybody-Nobody-SayingThat may be a humorous way of considering a serious issue, but it does capture the heart of the matter – at Canal, customer care and service is everyone’s job. We want every Canal client to understand that we truly strive to create a culture of service and hope you see it reflected in all that we do.