Casualty Claims Synergies

Canal is excited about a new synergy in our Casualty Claims department that will not only improve claims handling, but will also help us prepare up-and-coming adjusters with some of the best training in the business.

The change essentially is organizing teams into geographical territories and by experience level, joining a seasoned senior adjuster with both a mid-level and associate adjuster to create a group that can draw on each other’s varied perspectives and strengths.

This approach will lend continuity and allow teams to better understand their assigned region, learning the particular venues, attitudes and typical outcomes, while developing relationships with local attorneys, independent adjusters and other individuals who may hold influence on claims. Canal also believes this approach will yield tremendous learning for our newer adjusters who will benefit from the one-on-one coaching from more experienced team members. Not only will this maximize on-the-job learning, it should also create real long-term continuity for our claims and insured service levels. “In the new team structure, I interact and learn from people with many years of experience. They are a great resource for someone like me, who is just starting out in the industry,” says Lisa McClanahan, an associate adjuster. “

But the learning goes both ways – many times the questions and fresh insight can energize more senior adjusters and spark innovation. “Handling claims entails a great deal of problem solving. I enjoy that every claim provides differing levels of complexity in terms of coverage, liability and damage evaluation,” explains Susan Kilgore, senior claims adjuster. “Most claim files present a problem, and it’s our job to offer a solution that is appropriate, timely, and conveyed in a professional manner to all parties involved. When you can come at that problem from multiple angles, that’s when you find the best solution.”

In addition, with each team focused on a specific territory, they become more familiar on its particular details. “Each state has very different laws and specific statutes regarding insurance claims,” explains Joshua Sellers, a mid-level adjuster. “The new structure has helped improve the adjusters’ abilities to negotiate and settle claims more efficiently.”

Ultimately, when the knowledge of the senior and mid-level adjusters is combined with the bright and inquisitive nature of new associates, we believe it will lead to “the best possible outcome” for insureds. In addition, with such a wide range of insureds at Canal, the reorganization should help strengthen these relationships as well “You can go months without hearing from an insured,” says Dan Huber, associate claims adjuster, “but as soon as you see their name in a new claim, you know exactly who to call, what to expect, and how the conversation will go, because you’ve developed a history with them.” Dan is quick to add, “It’s a great blend of business, personal interaction, and customer service all at once.”