Canal Sponsors the World's Largest Truck Convoy and the CMV Safety Fair!


Left to Right: Sgt. Mike Still and Brad Pinkston, Business Development

You know you’re onto something when an event happens more than once, and Canal is extremely proud to sponsor two noteworthy industry events  – the World’s Largest Truck Convoy and the CMV Safety Fair – that have enjoyed a repeat performance.

The first captures the generous spirit of our industry. On September 20th – the last day of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week no less – Canal sponsored ten vehicles from South Carolina participating in the World’s Largest Truck Convoy benefitting Special Olympics. Randy Rice of Renegade Trucking, an insured for ten years, made a return appearance this year and explains the appeal. “I’ve ridden in other charity events, usually on my Harley, but this one is unique because of the trucks. It’s loud, it’s big and it’s memorable. The kids from Special Olympics are so excited to see the rigs, and their enthusiasm and upbeat attitude is contagious.”

Another notable event Canal enthusiastically sponsors is the Commercial Vehicle Safety Fair, made possible through partnerships with South Carolina’s Department of Public Safety and State Transport Police, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and other transportation associations. This fair was October 16th at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, where Canal is headquartered.

“We all have the same goal – to get everyone home safely at the end of the day,” says Sgt. Mike Still, Community Relations Officer for the State Transport Police. “These safety fairs are an excellent opportunity for attendees to interact directly with the officers who are out on the roads enforcing laws on a daily basis,” he explains. “And best of all, it gives everyone the chance to ask questions directly, rather than having to rely solely on written regulations to understand how they might apply to individual situations. That’s information with impact.”