As roads were being built and trucks were hauling more products, further and further across America, Canal Insurance Company was growing alongside the transportation industry.

Over the years Canal has relied on its foundation of perseverance, discipline, and commitment just as the trucking and specialty transportation industry did as this new territory was being charted. There are constantly new challenges that the insurance industry faces, so too, does the transportation industry from regulations, competition, economic and other issues – our lesson has always been to focus on our foundation of success. Read through the Canal Ad Campaigns to learn how Canal’s Foundation of Success continues because of our focus and ability to persevere, stay disciplined and invest in our commitment to the transportation industry

2018 AD campaign

2017 AD campaign

The Foundation of Success for Insuring Transportation Risks For 77 years, Canal Insurance Company has offered affordable auto & truckers general liability and physical damage & cargo coverages through a continued investment in technological, strategic, and human resources. With Canal Insurance, you get:

  • Dependable service during transportation industry fluctuation
  • Disciplined and fair underwriting decisions
  • Dedication to insuring motor carriers