By The Numbers

Underwriting Operations: setting the pace on service

Customer focus and turnaround time matters, particularly when a general agent needs a quote or new policy issued, or an insured needs accurate motor carrier filings or a certified policy.

It is why the underwriting operations department at Canal is so focused on service, doing whatever is needed to provide support both internally and externally for general agents and insureds. Consider these definitive numbers as proof:

Five: Even with more than 3,500 Fleet submissions in 2015, Canal boasts a typical five-day turnaround on pricing indications to general agents. Underwriting Operations supports more than just the Fleet underwriting team; we actually support all the underwriting business segments. We operate with the recognition that the first to quote is often the first to bind, and we believe those initial points of contact should set the tone and pace of expectations moving forward.

30: Once we are asked to bind a policy, we provide the new policy number back to the general agent and have the motor carrier filings already in process within 30 minutes. This type of service is what sets us apart from the competition.

Three: The full policy can then be expected within three business days — compared to three, four, five or even six weeks with other insurance companies.

80: Because we have the ability to connect directly to a general agent’s computer screen remotely, the underwriting operations department solves 80 percent of all policy system issues in real time.

8,000: We provided more than 8,000 accident kits to new or renewed fleet insureds in 2015. It is simply another example of how Canal provides more than coverage. In fact, we regularly work with many areas of the company including other underwriting business segments, risk management and marketing. We also provide system training (remotely or on-site) to make sure general agents and insureds feel fully prepared and supported.

150: That is the combined years of experience you will find in our department — including the wise insight from more seasoned employees to the fresh perspective provided by our newest staff.

24/7: Our customers are top priority and the Canal Underwriting Operations Department is, quite literally, available whenever needed. Whatever the issue, know that we are ready to do whatever it takes to solve your issue, provide the necessary training or keep insureds on the road…Never hesitate, regardless the need — we look forward to serving you soon!