A Steady Partnership: Helping Family Businesses

WilliamsTransport A STEADY PARTNERSHIP: HELPING FAMILY BUSINESSESLeft to Right: Duane, Jeannette and Lee Williams

Williams Transport is like many other Canal insureds, a family-owned business focused on long-term growth and consistent client service.

Jeannette Williams, the company’s current president, will someday pass the Newburgh, Indiana business onto her three sons, Duane, Lee and Brent. In the meantime, one point of focus for Williams is finding the most affordable insurance rates and the best deductible – without sacrificing protection. Back in 2009, she went with her agent Rick Harpenau’s recommendation to move coverage to Canal.

Canal wasn’t Williams’ first-ever insurance company, but as is often the case, a large claim predicated its selection. “You can do everything right, and still face a claim. That’s simply the reality of risk,” explains Harpenau, president of Harpenau Insurance Agency in Troy, Indiana. In Williams’ situation, a serious accident by a driver with no prior incidents led to a significant claim, and the company was dropped by its insurance carrier. “This was a case of no fault, no prior violations, a newer fleet and an excellent record of BASIC Roadside Performance numbers – a great transport company – but the reality was, we needed to find a new insurance company.”

“Of course, anyone is happy to write your account,” explains Harpenau, “but what we were interested in was finding Williams an insurance company for the long term, and we’ve been very satisfied with Canal since then. Not only has Canal worked to help make Williams safer, it strives to make Williams more profitable in the long-run as well.”

“Rick has a close relationship and partnership with Williams, has had this risk for a number of years and knows the account very well,” says transportation underwriter, Jackie Mattingly of Arlington/Roe, Canal’s general agent involved in the insurance placement. “It’s the kind of account that I love to hang onto.”

Harpenau adds, “The best way I can describe Canal, the best complement I can give, is that Canal has been stable. And that means a lot in today’s world.”