A Lasting Partnership: Cactus Express

Cactus-Express-Canal-PartnershipFaron Bostic knows a thing or two about teamwork. 

He and his wife compete together in team roping, drawing on the talents of their six seasoned rope horses and coordinating their efforts as “header” and “healer” to successfully stop the clock in the competition arena. It’s the only rodeo event that allows men and women to compete together, and the Bostic family is all in, competing in about 20 nationally sanctioned events annually and another three to four “local jackpot” events monthly. What’s the appeal, beyond the payouts? Bostic describes the atmosphere and the fact that it’s such a family sport. He already has a horse in training for his grandson to start with when he turns six.

A similarly congenial approach to teamwork has marked the relationship between Bostic’s company, Cactus Express, LP, headquartered in Lufkin, Texas, and Canal. “I’ve been in the trucking business for 26 years,” he says, “and Canal is the first insurance company to ask, ‘What can we do for you?’ The very first.”

Bostic, the company’s president, emphasizes that insurance liability is the single largest fixed cost of doing business. He adds, “Although Canal doesn’t always come in with the lowest premium, I know they’ll take care of us, and that matters; it’s why we stick with them — because they’ve stuck by us.”

Cactus Express takes advantage of a full range of safety resources through Canal. Bostic is deliberate in calling them processes instead of programs, because “a program implies a beginning and an end, while a process is active and ongoing.” Examples include online driver training through Vertical Alliance Group, pre-trip inspections, the use of DriveCam, and quarterly safety meetings. Equally important is how Canal handles claims. “They’ve got starch in their pants,” says Bostic, “meaning they will absolutely stand up for what is right. I appreciate that fight, because my company would suffer residual effects if we had an insurance company that simply settled every claim without making justified challenges.” Of course, if there’s a clear case of fault, a quick resolution to get claims off the books is also valuable. “The trick is knowing the difference,” he says, “and Canal does.”