A Difference Worth Highlighting: The New Brand of Risk Management Services

In Canal’s 75 year history, we’ve learned to manage change – but more is on the way. In fact, Jack Roberts, a columnist for Commercial Carrier Journal has this prediction: “Without a doubt, this is a time of upheaval for the trucking industry. It is possible it will endure more change to the way we do business in the next 10 to 20 years than the last 50 combined.”

Of course, with change comes risk, right? That’s the precise reason Canal created such dynamic risk management services, something clients have come to rely on over the years. Believing our approach is not only different, but I’d also say better, Canal has decided to showcase the previously generic “Risk Management Services” under a new brand name – CanalRisk360. It’s a new moniker that we hope better captures what sets us apart and provides an effective way to feature and promote our services.

CanalRisk360 represents our focused dedication to eliminating risks before they become claims, with a broad range of tools and expert advice encompassing safety training, driver behavior, fleet monitoring and more. The entire point is to identify potential issues – which can be challenging in that changing environment you face every day – and then strategize to reduce or eliminate those risks. But here’s the key: those solutions have to be created in a spirit of partnership, they have to be real-world applicable, and they have to be monitored throughout a policy’s life cycle. That means Canal never throws a list of suggestions at a client and walks away. Instead, we work in tandem to follow recommendations through implementation and evaluation to make sure they are both realistic and effective. In other words, with CanalRisk360, we’re not here to tell you what to do…we’re here to help you get it done. After all, being proactive is always the best proposition when it comes to dealing with change.

If you’d like to learn more about the tailored approach of CanalRisk360, please visit canalinsurance.com/for-the-insured/rms or contact your agent or email RMSInfo@canal-ins.com with any questions.