Canal Ad Campaigns

As roads were being built and trucks were hauling more products, further and further across America, Canal Insurance Company was growing alongside the transportation industry.Over the years Canal has relied on its foundation of perseverance, discipline and commitment just as the trucking and specialty transportation industry did as this new territory was being charted. There are constantly new challenges that the insurance industry faces, so too, does the transportation industry from regulations, competition, economic and other issues – our lesson has always been to focus on our foundation of success. Read through the Canal Ad Campaigns to learn how Canal’s Foundation of Success continues because of our focus and ability to persevere, stay disciplined and invest in our commitment to the transportation industry.

roughnotesad_general-lowroughnotesad_claimsdiscipline-lowSummer 2016 Ads For Rough Notes Magazine

 The Foundation of Success for Insuring Transportation Risks For 77 years, Canal Insurance Company has offered affordable auto
& truckers general liability and physical damage & cargo coverages through a continued investment in technological, strategic, and human resources. With Canal Insurance, you get:

  • Dependable service during transportation industry fluctuations
  • Disciplined and fair underwriting decisions
  • Dedication to insuring motor carriers

Summer 2015 Ad for WIN Magazine and AAMGA Directory 2015 Ad

WIN-and-AAMGA-adsChoose the transportation insurance company that has built 75+ years of success on the foundation of perseverance during industry fluctuations, discipline in making the right underwriting and claims decisions and commitment to the trucking and public auto insurance industries.


January 2015 Ad for Rough Notes Magazine

Rough-Notes-Persevere_January-2015_v6For more than 75 years, Canal Insurance Company has repeatedly demonstrated that its employees and appointed general agents are able to persevere during the fluctuations of the transportation industry, are disciplined to make the right underwriting decisions and are committed to the trucking and public auto insurance industries. Canal is investing in technological, strategic and human resources to withstand changes and move the company forward. Choose the transportation insurance company and general agent partners that will be there for your insureds now and into the future. 





March 2015 Ad for Rough Notes Magazine

Rough-Notes-RMS_March-2015The transportation industry is constantly evolving and, for more than 75 years, Canal Insurance Company has been by its side every step of the way. Canal’s commitment is reflected in the safety and risk management resources offered insureds. So much so, that we’ve branded these offerings as CanalRISK360 as part of our 360 degree consultative process. Canal is continuously advancing its risk management practice to include multiple alliances and resources since each motor carrier has different needs. Here’s a sampling of what we offer:

  • Safety Training and Resources
  • Leadership Assessments and Development
  • Fleet Monitoring Tools N Safety Tools and Tips
  • Driver Recognition Program and more


April 2015 Ad for Rough Notes Magazine

Rough-Notes-RMS_April-2015Insurance companies handle claims every day. At Canal, we take this service seriously. Insureds know and trust that Canal will be there for them anytime, anywhere when a loss occurs. After more than 75 years of adjusting trucking and specialty transportation claims, we’ve built a successful claims handling discipline to:

  • Investigate Quickly
  • Evaluate Fairly
  • Resolve Efficiently

Whether an insured has an Auto Liability, Truckers General Liability, Physical Damage and/or Cargo loss, we’ll help get them back on the road so they can resume their normal business.